My Mom was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer stage 3, so I made an Indiegogo campaign to help her with the treatment. 

I want to capture the attention of the young people that aren’t aware of Cancer by making a contrast of concepts, sometimes we are pissed off by little things as a dropped ice cream, youtube restrictions, low battery on your phone but if you stop and think how many people have hard problems in the world like cancer you will think twice before getting anger. Is like a merge of funny simple things (like your cookie doesn’t fit on your glass of milk) with a real serious problem, is far more easy to capture your attention with a simple and cute icon of a funny thing than showing a photograph of a woman dying from cancer or the word in all caps: CANCER.

You can see the designs on my behance´s profile

If you want to help him you can make a donation here:

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House M.D.

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The girl with the dragon tattoo

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